The recent protest's calling for needed change and COVID-19 are impacting every business and individual in ways that are yet to be fully revealed.

Failure to address disparities at the organizational level and to psychological safety solutions leaves your business at risk for low employee engagement and high turnover.  Our unique approach to business consulting addresses both.  



what we do

Elevated Outcomes provides turn-key solutions to organizations, teams, and individuals in reaching peak performance.  People are at the center of every challenge and solution.  Humans are the culture within an organization, a community, and a household.  For society to change in a positive manner, and for an organization to experience growth, self-actualized individuals are essential. 


Our Trauma-Informed Emotional Intelligence™ model combines systems theory, trauma-informed best practices, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Gestalt theory, emotional intelligence theory, humanistic psychology, and the change management process to assess and address root causes of barriers that impede success.  Negative personal and professional lived experiences cause people to be who they are and do what they do.  When ignored, they permeate and define team and organizational culture ultimately causing toxicity. 



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