Elevate from elite at your craft to elite in life


are you unknowingly choosing between success and JOY?

You worked your whole life to get here. 


Put it all on the line. 


Sacrificed family relationships, compromised the quality of your relationship with your partner, or like, many on your level, you don't spend nearly as much time with your children as you want to.  

You got the position, made the team, hit the profit goal, successfully launched the business, received the accolades and recognition, have the influence and power..... but something's missing. 


I specialize in the professional and personal development of executives, athletes, entertainers, influencers, and community leaders by assessing how they engage with others, how others engage with them, and most importantly, how they engage with themselves. With nearly 25 years of experience, I believe that, to fully achieve self-actualization, you must start by looking inward before rectifying any external influences. This refreshing approach is at the core of my Trauma-Informed Emotional Intelligence (TIEI)™ model, developed to disrupt the disruption that clouds my clients’ vision and ensures they elevate from being elite at their craft to being elite in life.

Here are a few profiles of clients I have worked with:

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Business Owner

Successful business owner despite having multiple DUIs.  His drinking is slowly beginning to negatively impact his life in more substantial ways.        He has unresolved interpersonal issues from divorce.  I coached him in addressing the drinking  and past relationship issues to regain business dominance. 

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Community Leader

Leader with a strong reputation and significant credentials and educational background.  She is frustrated with glass ceilings and wants to pursue entrepreneurship.  I have coached her to identify goals and barriers to achieving them.

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Wealthy trader who is over-weight and frustrated with patterns of intimate relationships which require financial investment.  He seeks genuine romance.  His ego often gets in the way of solid business and personal decisions.  I am coaching him to address ego challenges and weight issues that contribute to current life problems.

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Leader and Advocate

Advocate for social justice who is struggling to manage and understand her white fragility and privilege.  She has a history of childhood trauma which causes codependent behavior.  I am providing education and feedback for continued growth in anti-racist behavior and to resolve childhood trauma. 

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Former Pro Athelete

Runs a successful business but at times, his excessive humility causes him to miss out on additional opportunities.  I supported him in balancing his passion for giving with the need to assertively pursue business.

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Obsessive focus on career prevents her from successful personal and romantic goals.  She is struggling to balance personal and career aspirations but presents externally as happy and content.  I am coaching her to redefine success and her ability to give and receive love.



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