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The Redefinition of Success

Leveraging her work with and research on elite performers, Dr. Joy partnered with renowned former NFL star running back and keynote speaker Raymont Harris to curate programming that provides all the essentials for corporate leaders who seek solutions for achieving and maintaining peak performance and maximum fulfillment in work AND life.

Not your typical corporate development content, participants are challenged to step outside of traditional corporate mindsets, remove their masks, and get vulnerable. Dr. Joy and Raymont Harris lead the way by sharing the hard and ugly truths of going from being a public success and private mess to developing holistic success solutions that allowed them to become elite performers in every area of life.

Raymont teaches his 8 Controllables framework, which supports leaders in learning the skillsets needed to experience success, regardless of circumstances. Dr. Joy shares the Success as a Protective Factor theory she developed from her research with high-performing athletes, executives, and entrepreneurs, which explains the impact of personal life experiences on career path success while teaching her framework for healing from trauma and difficult life experiences.

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This expertly crafted experience poetically combines disruptive yet inspiring real-life experiences with expertise that was learned the hard way to provide a much-needed fresh take on optimal leadership in a time of pandemics, wars, and disruptive digital transformation that has reminded all of us that we are more than what we do for a living. 

Participants will leave inspired and equipped to elevate their ability to maneuver stress and uncertainty to achieve New Age Success... peak performance in work and in life. We facilitate keynotes, half- and full-day workshops, retreats, and executive coaching to support skill development.

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