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The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Now more than ever, success in corporate America demands that leaders are equipped to effectively relate and engage with direct reports, peers, and stakeholders. Resignation numbers continue to be a concern even after the height of the pandemic, and research shows that the primary reason employees are leaving is toxic workplace culture. 10.4 times more important than compensation, employees are no longer willing to tolerate what they perceive as disrespectful, non-inclusive, nonethical, cutthroat, and abusive environments and leaders. Leaders must have the ability to go beyond transactional approaches and mindsets and be collaborative, empowering, transparent, and authentic. In addition to technical skills, leaders must be emotionally intelligent. 

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But we can't continue to overlook that leaders are humans too. Beyond their duties as leaders, they are maneuvering their reality as human beings... as parents, spouses, caregivers to their aging parents, and friends and loved ones. Employees and leaders alike are demanding a workplace that honors this and provides them with the tools and support they need to be effective in work and life.

Individuals with higher emotional intelligence skills sets are less likely to call off, resign, or become disengaged. Further, emotional intelligence supports leaders to:

  • facilitate sound decision making

  • have the ability to understand and empathize with others

  • effectively communicate

  • be confident

  • manage stress

The corporate landscape is a whole new world. Beyond ongoing retention challenges and diversity and inclusion struggles, digital transformation, led by artificial intelligence, is creating change at lightning speed. Regardless of the problem, emotional intelligence is the solution.

Do your leaders have what they need
to be successful?

We Are Certified

We are a certified EQ-i 2.0 administrator and offer:

  • Standard Emotional Intelligence Assessment

  • Leadership Emotional Intelligence Assessment

  • 360 Leadership Emotional Intelligence

We facilitate half and full-day workshops, retreats, and executive coaching to support skill development.

Let's replace ineffective, outdated, traditional solutions with innovative approaches that are scientifically proven to improve performance and organizational culture. 

Get your leaders the solutions they need today!
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