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Coaching for Elite Performers


The Rewire

Discreet personal & professional coaching for high-performing athletes, physicians, entrepreneurs, and executives.

with Dr. Elizabeth Joy

As a high performer, you have no shortage of talent and grit, but that doesn't mean you're not human. Very few people understand the unspoken challenges that come with success, making it absolutely necessary to have a trusted source for thought partnership and support. As you well know, the road to success is paved with hard work and lots of sacrifice. The higher you go, the more careful you have to be about how you present yourself, what you share, and how much of "the real you" others see. If you're like most individuals I work with, you have some things you're either struggling with or simply want to improve on that you need external support to address. Finding someone with the right skill set, who gets you, who will give you honest feedback, and who can be trusted can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Highly discreet and customized to fit your unique needs, I provide an experience that is equally challenging and safe to support personal and professional growth. 

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My Approach

Inspired by my own journey of achieving early "success" in life only to learn the hard way that my definition of success was too limited, I approach my work through the lens of holistic success.

I believe that you aren't successful if your success is limited in scope. As was reflected in my research, most high performers have been effective in securing a career and, therefore, financial success; however, the skill sets and efforts made to ensure that success haven't translated to success in other areas of life. Your ability to reach self-actualization and have continued success requires that you have the space and support to continue to identify areas for needed improvement and that you expand your definition of success beyond your career.


I support my clients in first accurately identifying the area of needed focus. We then work together to define and pursue holistic success, ultimately building toward a rewarding and fulfilling life, previously unimaginable.


"Dr. Joy is amazing! I feel so much better than when we started working together right after my divorce. She was able to help me sort through my thoughts and emotions and move past my anger. I'm finally getting back to myself."


Business Executive

Male, 59

"Dr. Joy helped me understand that being emotionless is not an effective approach as a leader. I'm learning how to connect with my employees while maintaining the boundries I know are necessary. Surprisingly, it's helping in my personal life too."

Business Owner,

Female, 37

"I've been able to share things I haven't shared with ANYONE. It feels great to get it off my chest. I can't believe how real she is! We have real talk that I can't have anywhere else."

Former Pro Athlete

Male, 45

"Dr. Joy never judges me or tries to make me change, yet she's able to challenge me when I need it. She has a way of knowing exactly what I need exactly when I need it. I've always been so focused on my career and work but she has helped me start to priortize and improve in my relationship with my wife and my kids. She's my Wendy Rhoades"


Male, 56

Dr. Joy's perspective on working with men

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